En Route

Efforma Concepts utilizes the expertise and experience of its partners acting as entrepreneurs and executives for many years to

  • identify demands and markets
  • evaluate potentials
  • implement financing
  • realize solutions, and
  • commercialize products.

Senior experts in healthcare will challenge plans, share experience and implement solutions.

Our Common Objective - Market Success

We do not look for the obvious solution, but the

  • best solution

for your know how and products. We support technologies from idea to product with

  • creativity and professional management

in a joint and tailored team. Your and our

  • entrepreneurial focus


  • market success


"It has been intriguing, how clearly Efforma carved out the best strategy for our specific situation, how different it was from our perception and how much fun to implement it. We continued with a complete new attitude."

- Dr. Jörg Traub, CEO SurgicEye GmbH


"Your technology, your product and all connected services require an appropriate financial framework to be successful and profitable - we shape it according to your needs."

- Hansjörg Rollshausen, Partner Efforma Concepts GmbH & Co. KG